Seamless Integration

A simple and customizable API.

Only for $THF owners

The API will be open only to holders of $THF.

Unique Personalization

Choose the theme of your icons (funny peoples, animals, vehicles, toons...).

Experienced team

For faster progress.


Power Your website With Token holders faces API

Discover the all-new, innovative world of token holdership visualization with our API. Unveil unique icons, avatars, vehicles, animals, toons, and more, personalizing the digital asset landscape.

Dive into the future of token representation with us, today

  • Seamless Integration
  • Only for $THF Owners
  • Unique Personalization
  • Future-focused

Our Holders

Buy $THF and watch your face below 🙂


Step 1

Stealth launch of website and token

 Step 2

Launch of a twitter and telegram channel and opening of a private free access to the API

Step 3

Establishment of a price range based on the $THF currency and opening API to the public

Step 4

Listing on exchange platforms and new API for token owners


Supply : 100 000 000
Tax : 0/0
Liquidity : Lock
Ownership : Renounced